Rush Direct
A WBENC Certified Woman-Owned Business



Rush Direct Inc is a solution provider in the pet market with a worldwide network of suppliers and a wealth of experience in product and brand development from the concept to the final product on your shelf.

Rush Direct, Inc. started doing business in 2003, founded by Charles and Vera Ferreira. Both of the founders had past experiences in the pet industry, having worked with complete food and rawhide chews for over 25 years.

The Ferreiras’ enjoyed success in the rawhide business, being active proponents of increased safety standards such as the use of metal detectors and the use of quality raw material. Aware of new market trends of functional and innovative treats, the Ferreiras’ started a partnership with a Brazilian factory to start supplying the market with these products. As time passed, the Ferreiras travelled around the world to find new suppliers and to crystallize Rush Direct’s Supply Chain 360™, a set of procedures implemented in its suppliers to guarantee compliance and timely deliveries.

During this journey, Rush Direct guided itself by the principles of integrity and fairness. Rush Direct believes that consumers, suppliers and retailers form an ecosystem and should be treated with equal respect and honesty. Throughout its history, Rush Direct never had to recall any products due to safety concerns.

We currently have several lines of products developed to the different areas of the pet market and are able to supply any private label with our expertise and experience, ensuring that any line dreamed by our clients will be attractive to the customers.

You can find our lines in all the major US retailers and online as well. With some items experiencing the fastest growth in their categories.

While Rush Direct Inc is mostly focused on bringing the best products of the world to the USA, in the past years we have expanded into taking the best products Made in USA to the rest of the world as well.

Rush Direct – health, safety and fun for your pets!